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My name is Jim, and my wife and I own and manage 40 acres southwest of Austin, TX, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We’ve lived here for 20 years, but the land continues to be passed down in the family for generations since 1869.

Austin, Texas, is a booming town, and our once-rural setting has seen continued growth and urban sprawl. So in 2017, my wife and I converted our acreage from agriculture use to wildlife conservation activities to maintain open space and preserve water quality.
Aside from our land Stewardship activities, my wife and I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, and I am an Amateur Radio operator licensed by the FCC.

View of Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country


Ever since I was a kid visiting my grandparent’s farm In rural Oklahoma, I understood the relationship between rainfall and crop yields.

My grandparents grew alfalfa hay to feed the livestock through the sometimes harsh and brutal winters in Oklahoma. Suppose the right amount of rain would fall in the right location at the optimal frequency, making all the difference between crop yields and cuttings during the growing seasons.

Rainfall to a farmer is what a truck is to a trucker, and it’s vital for the whole operation. To be clear, water is a precious commodity, and it’s being stretched.

Fast forward to today, our home realize on a well as our primary source of water. Its supply is not infinite, and we must conserve and find cleaver capture methods to protect that resource; as the saying goes, “without water, you have nothing.”

I believe a homeowner’s understanding of their annual rainfall will help them make informed decisions on watering needs in and around their home. Not only does it help protect our water resources, but a simple Rain Gauge can save you money.


This blog aims to inform and evaluate standard backyard weather equipment from analog to digital models. It’s not always clear trying to figure out the best equipment for my environment.

Hopefully, you will come away with more knowledge on the potential of having accurate data available to you. The blog will also publish insightful articles, product reviews, and tips about eco-friendly resources and the best way to protect our environment for future generations.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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