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Five Unique Projects To Try With Your Family On Rainy Days

Whether it is a drizzle or a downpour, unexpected rainfall can make the entire family feel bored and listless. Instead of spending the entire day feeling like you are stuck inside, you can use a backyard rain gauge or a local weather service rain gauge to calculate rain accurately and prepare accordingly. Here’s Five Unique Projects To Try With Your Family On Rainy Days without having to hear your little one complain about rain gear and shout, “It’s raining on me,” even once!

The key is to use this play and family time to teach your children about the importance of rain. It’s an essential resource to live on earth.

A word of caution when playing outside during rain. Lightning kills, therefore, needs respect for safety purposes.

“When thunder roars, go indoors.”

Rainy Day Activites For Kids

  • Rain Dance Party
  • Weather Mood Board
  • Backyard Obsticle Course
  • Build a Fort with Cardboard
  • Craft a Photo Rain Album

Rain Dance Party

To incorporate the rain into your plans, you can take the dance party outside and have fun doing your version of a rain dance. DIY dance props like ribbon streamers and painted cardboard face masks to make the party more fun.

To embrace the rain theme, you can create a rain-themed playlist with songs like “Rain on me” and “November Rain.” So put on your rain gear and go dancing in the rain!

Create A Weather Mood Board

Allow your children to express their feelings through arts and crafts. Some paints, cotton wool, a handful of googly eyes, and your set create cloudy skies, a happy sun, or even a stellar rainbow.

You can also use a local rain gauge to monitor precipitation and predict rain to help your children anticipate rain and prepare for it mentally.

Playing in the Rain“Playing in the Rain” by Sharon Mollerus is licensed under CC BY 2.0cc icon The Rain Gaugecc by icon The Rain Gauge

Go All Out With An Obstacle Course

You can use things lying around your house, like chairs, tables, and cushions, to DIY a fun obstacle course for everyone to enjoy.

To make the game a little more challenging for older kids, they can participate while wearing rain gear or singing a rain-themed song like “Rain on me” to make the experience more fun and entertaining.

Build A Fort On The Patio

You can DIY a weatherproof fort out of cardboard boxes that the whole family can paint and decorate together. While the cardboard boxes are slightly waterproof, they do not give you complete immunity from the rain.

Therefore, check your local rain gauge for an accurate estimation of the rain. You can place the fort on your patio and enjoy the rain without anyone complaining, “There’s rain on me.”

Craft A Rain Photo Album

Put on your rain gear and head out in the rain to create some incredible memories. All you need is a camera and some crafting supplies. You can take family pictures in your rain gear or while splashing each other in the rain.

Remember to check your local rain gauge and weather predictions to ensure you do not get caught up in a storm. Print out the pictures, paste them on some cardboard, and name the album something cheeky like, “Fun times when I did not mind the rain on me,” and your rain photo album is ready!


Using rainy days as a fun time for activities teaches the kids how vital rain is to our environment. A simple rain gauge incorporated into your activities creates an opportunity for learning, reflection, and fun for the whole family.

Please, as a reminder, do not go outside and play if there is lightning; a good saying “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

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