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The Best Value Digital Wireless Rain Gauge.

Going outside every time it stops raining to check the rain gauge can be a pain. Meanwhile, I don’t want to wait until the rain event stops to see how much rain has accumulated. This started me on a search for the best valued digital wireless rain gauge.

I’ve owned a manual rain gauge for years installed on a fence post by the garden. Time after time, I would forget to empty promptly.

Don’t get me wrong, an official simple manual emptying funnel rain gauge that’s properly located is your best choice for accuracy.

Accuracy Can Have Drawbacks

Let’s face it, remembering or having the time to empty and record your rainfall is not something we typically do every day.

Please think of the times it may rain at home that you are not aware of. For example, while on vacation or at work.

If your like me, I like to know my daily, weekly, and monthly rain totals. In addition, a most straightforward layout and ease of use, so it’s not such a chore.

AcuRite 00899 Rain Gauge

acurite display and bucket


  • Easy To Configure
  • Self-Empty Rain Bucket
  • Powerfull Wireless Signal
  • Easy-To-Read Digital Display
  • Rain Alarm
  • Affordable


  • Distance Between Units Limited
  • Must Leveled At Install
  • Dirt, Spinders, and Leaves Can Clog Hole To Funnel
  • Calibration Can Be Tricky

Best Of Both World

A digital wireless rain gauge is a good balance between ease of use and accuracy. However, that convenience requires tradeoffs, including calibration of unit, a good secure install location, installing batteries. In addition, try to follow this guide for the best location for the rain gauge.

I like the fact it will store rainfall totals for a current rain event, day, last 7 days, plus 2 re-settable totals, making logging simple. Additionally, the digital display is easy to read with total rainfall at the top.

I believe the AcuRite Wireless Rain Gauge strikes a good balance between ease of use and value for home use.

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

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